Cabo Branco Tourist Center – Notice In Effect

Notice and registration




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The State Government, through the Companhia de Desenvolvimento da Paraíba – CINEP (Development Company of Paraíba), makes available through a public call notice new lots in the Cabo Branco Tourist Complex. In this second stage five plots that contemplate areas for commerce and services and tourist animation (theme park), besides the hotel urbanistic sector, are being offered.

Those interested will have a 45-calendar-day deadline from the release date of the notice (July 22nd, 2020) to submit their projects. Registrations must be made exclusively through this link and companies must submit the formal requirement and all documentation, according to the specifications contained in the notice.

The State Government has an important policy aimed at attracting investments. For this project, incentives will be granted related both to the acquisition of the real estate itself (lease incentive) and to the tax incentives (ICMS), which are pertinent to the acquisition of some equipment necessary for the implementation of the projects. In addition, the Polo Turístico Cabo Branco (Cabo Branco Tourist Center) has specific legislation regarding municipal taxes (ISS), with incentives in the order of 60%.

About the Project

The Cabo Branco Tourist Center, the largest planned tourist center in the Northeast region, has an area of 654 hectares with 35 lots, in which 19 of them are destinated for the hotel sector, 5 for the entertainment sector, 10 for commercial and services and 1 for the events sector.

In this second stage, five plots between 3.3 and 18.85 hectares will be available, three of them for the installation of hotels and resorts, one for the entertainment sector (water park) and one for the commerce and services sector.

Currently, the project already has the Convention Center in operation. The equipment has more than 48 thousand m² of constructed area and capacity to receive 20 thousand people, simultaneously, in its four main buildings, among which stands out one of the most modern theaters in Brazil, with capacity for 3 thousand spectators: the Teatro Pedra do Reino.

Environmentally sustainable, the Tourist Center is located between the sea of the south coast of Paraiba and the green of the Atlantic Forest, being embraced by the largest environmental reserve of native Atlantic forest, inserted in the urban mesh, of Brazil: the Parque das Trilhas (Park of Trails) (575 ha).

Through this Tourist Complex, the State Government works to make Paraíba stand out not only in cultural tourism, related to sun and beach, business and events, but also as a reference in sustainable tourism, presenting to the tourists our concern with the environment, the society and the economy of the state.